Winter – Seasonal attunement

Staying warm and cozy
Nature’s dimmed energy is our cue for reflection, renewal, and coziness.
Photo credit: Braden Barwich – Unsplash

To maintain good health, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encourages us to harmonize with the energy of the seasons.

Winter is the end of all seasons. It is the time of year when nature’s energies contract and sink downward. The days are shorter and the sun is farthest from us, creating greater demands on our bodies to stay warm, particularly for people living closer to the poles.

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Winter – Superfoods

Photo credit: Amanda Ambrosini – Unsplash

After a few days of Spring-like weather, we are back in the deep freeze! Stay warm and eat well to keep your body limber.

Listed below are some quick and easy ideas to provide your body with an important nutrient boost throughout this cold season, all while giving your everyday foods and drinks more flavour and texture. They are particularly beneficial at the onset of a cold or once a cold has hit. So go ahead, chop, grate, squeeze, grind or whatever you need to do to get these into your food sand drinks. Continue reading “Winter – Superfoods”