Summer – Seasonal Attunement


After the dark months of hibernation and the slow emergence into spring, spring has done its work. And now – it’s time to play!

Summer invigorates and animates as we shed the last of our warm clothes (hopefully) and finally take in some summer warmth. The sun touches our skin and seems to breathe new life into our bodies. In much the same way it has done with the new growth that surrounds us. Infinite greens and all kinds of colours have multiplied in the last few weeks creating a whole new landscape. All of which is coaxing us outdoors and begging us to absorb this summer light.

Our internal rhythms change with the changes in seasons. Pay attention to the summer energy. What is it calling you to do? In this post learn how to further align and nourish yourself through the next few months.

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Bikes, Italian coffee and entrepreneurship

This is the second interview in a series that I am running on people of all ages who were sparked to try something new. It links back to this post on growing younger.

Fiona Chai and her son Lamar Timmins are the owners of Allo Vélo Boutique & Café and  They sell (and rent) European urban bikes and operate an Italian coffee shop within the same commercial space in Montreal’s Griffintown district. Their mission: “get more people riding bikes daily”. A few weeks ago I sat down with Fiona to learn more about the store and the woman behind it.

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Sunscreen, planning around the sun and good nutrition….


As the warmer weather beckons, end aisle displays of sunscreens become more prominent. Before reaching for the discounted brand or the eye-catching package, take a few minutes to understand what you’ll be applying to your skin and perhaps your family’s skin over the next few months – and how other habits such as planning around the sun and good nutrition all play a role in maintaining the integrity of your skin and overall health. Continue reading “Sunscreen, planning around the sun and good nutrition….”

Spring – Seasonal attunement

Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, can you smell it? It is so close. New, fresh, light and green, in less than a week spring, will have officially arrived and daytime begins to outweigh nighttime (at least in my part of the world). Longer, warmer days, chock-full of natural Vitamin D are almost here! Winter coats, mukluks and whatever else you wear to keep you warm are soon to be banished until next season. Continue reading “Spring – Seasonal attunement”

Mindful Eating – Rediscovering the pleasure of food

Photo by loli clement on Unsplash

Good Morning! Happy Spring-like weather! At least for those of you in Montreal.

I am putting together material for an upcoming class on mindful eating. I hope these words don’t scare you off. Maybe you can hang in for one or two paragraphs while I explain what I believe to be a common sense approach towards food.

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Chocolate and Qantu

This is the first in a series of interviews I will be running with people of different ages who were sparked (or driven) to try something new, and the result. It links back to this post on growing younger and working with the idea of how we can grow at any age and the inherent wisdom found by venturing into the unknown.

Photo credit: Pablo Marchan Montes @pablomarchanm

choc·o·late /ˈCHäk(ə)lət/

Chocolate is prepared using the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree. Theobroma is derived from the Greek language and means “food of the gods” and Mexican legends tell us that it was given to humankind for nourishment, rest, and pleasure.1 Continue reading “Chocolate and Qantu”

Winter – Superfoods

Photo credit: Amanda Ambrosini – Unsplash

After a few days of Spring-like weather, we are back in the deep freeze! Stay warm and eat well to keep your body limber.

Listed below are some quick and easy ideas to provide your body with an important nutrient boost throughout this cold season, all while giving your everyday foods and drinks more flavour and texture. They are particularly beneficial at the onset of a cold or once a cold has hit. So go ahead, chop, grate, squeeze, grind or whatever you need to do to get these into your food sand drinks. Continue reading “Winter – Superfoods”